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Internet Safety Talks for young Teens - 12-14 years old

Internet Safety Talks for Schools

Internet safety talks for Teens UK

Internet Safety Talks  

Updated November 2022. We chat about internet safety topics, social media platforms and how to stay safe online. 

Classes are available internationally and presented in English. We have presented over 500 talks to Schools in the Middle East, the UK, Europe, Africa and even the US army in Europe. 

  • Cyberbullying - How to avoid online bullying and protect yourself from cyber bullies, and how to report cyberbullying.
  • TikTok, Sexting, Houseparty, Police, The Law. 
  • TikTok, how to set it up properly, how to use it, what the dangers are? Does it promote sexting?
  • Houseparty is another App gaining 2022 traction
  • Snapchat, Sarahah, Snapmaps - We explain the dangers and serious consequences of each of these platforms.
  • Snapchat deletions - Snapchat's most famous feature
  • Social Media, I am 13, what is the story exactly? We'll explain.
  • Sexting, what is it? How do kids prepare to say No? What to do when it happens?

How to Social media safety

  • Encouraging positive interaction and online accountability - People using their real names bully less.
  • We discuss some hard-hitting relevant consequences of social media and how to manage online presence with these in mind.
  • Sexting - We explain the consequences and the lifelong impact of sending nude images to others.
  • Police involvement - When, how, why would they get involved?


BeSecureOnline - Internet Safety Talks

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