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Changes to everyday life due to the Coronavirus, we need to help our kids, tweens and teenagers adjust to the new and unfamiliar situation of indefinite school and childcare creche closings.

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Ransomware to pay or not to pay.

Ransomware, although surprisingly amateur sometimes, is very effective. It is business poison, a no-win situation. Pay, don't pay, no one is right. Governments don't usually pay but can afford to wait. Businesses do not have this luxury, can't afford to wait and pay. Most don't report the breach or ransomware attack to the relevant authorities, despite laws that require them to do so. 

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COVID19 - Internet Usage up 50% causing spike in Internet usage

Shopping on VPN is safer

Contactless payments have come of age, the cashless society gets closer and closer with shops refusing to handle cash during COVID19 lockdown and many shops will go cashless from now on. Using your phone to shop online and in-person is the new norm. Banks wish that cash would disappear, it costs a fortune to provide customers with cash and threatens staff safety. Online payment is convenient, yet we the public do almost nothing to secure our device safety online.

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