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Train your staff to beat cyber threat every day


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Humar Error is the leading cause of Cyber Attacks

90% of all data breaches are human error 

Awareness Training will reduce the risk enormously 

Staff travelling, working from Home?

One mistake, one click on a malicious link, can bring your business down. Scammers will trick you with a fake email from a courier service with an urgent delivery, or a rogue QR code offering free tickets for a Taylor Swift concert. A fake invoice from your boss's email to trick you into transferring funds without checking. Perhaps a rogue WhatsApp message containing a link to a phishing site on the dark web. Provide regular, bite-sized training to your employees and staff will teach them to make the right decisions to beat cyber scamming.


Your one-stop solution for a cyber security-savvy workforce!

Bite-sized and effective regular cyber training for your organisation to stop human error and user-targeted attacks bringing down your business

Awareness Training

What is


Your best customer just received an email from you, which you didn't send. What's Next?

Make sure your organisation's emails are received as sent, not changed by criminals, or interfered with in any way. So your customers, suppliers, partners and employees never get an email you did not send. Defending your email integrity, and sender reputation every day


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