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USB Data Blocker

WC Data Blocker

  • Fits into any USB port ✓
  • Safe charging for laptops & laptops ✓
  • Phones & smartphones ✓
  • Tablets or other devices ✓

Data blocker is installed internally. Filtering incoming data and only routing power through the device. Quick and safe, no delay during power up. 


The USB Blocker only conducts power and cuts off the data lines. The innovative security mechanism prevents unwanted data exchange.



AVG. 1 Seller

AVG Ulmitate

May Best Seller

AVG Internet Security,
AVG Antivirus for Android,
AVG Antivirus for Mac
and AVG Zen – allowing you to keep tabs on your devices all in one place
Real Prices, Real licenses
Supporting jobs in Europe
We buy our licenses from AVG, AVAST
Award winning support based in Europe
BeSecureOnline is a multi award winning UK Ireland based Vendor
With AVG, users experience 24/7 support both online and telephonically. Their support page is easy to navigate and offers helpful information immediately.AVG Internet Security,
AVG Antivirus for Android,
AVG Antivirus for Mac
and AVG Zen – allowing you to keep tabs on your devices all in one place.

Freedome VPN

'Super Easy to use' Wired


WATCH BBC iPlayer.

Change your virtual location and you won't see the text "this video/​service/​website is unavailable in your country" again. 

Financial Times 'Freedome is Best VPN'

No traffic logging, Watch BBC iPlayer, ITV worldwide. 4/5 Star Reviews. Ideal for Phones, holidays, travel. Freedome is from F-Secure, the publically quoted Finnish security company, not some little known Chinese, US, Russian private company.


If you travel in these countries then you must use a VPN. Worried about others hacking you and stealing your data. Tool up with a VPN and protect yourself.  Don't leave home without it. 


Microphone Blocker

Best Seller

Switching off on your Phone, Computer, Laptop is not good enough anymore. This Microphone Blocker means total 100% protection. Push it in, that's it.

Office & Home 

Order now to protect your enterprise, home and family.

Works on most devices - does not fit the iPhone 7 onwards. Works on iPhone 6, Android Phones. All phones with ordinary phone jack.

Keep your conversation private 

Mic-Lock secures your device’s microphone input.

Stop Cyber Attackers

Stops cyber criminals from using your microphone to listen in on you.

Summer Delicious VPNs

parental control, protecting kids online, time limits, adult content

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Internet Cybersecurity & Antivirus

Based in the UK & Ireland, we find the best online safety products to bring them to you. Some of the solutions include F Secure SAFE, F-Secure FREEDOME VPN, AVG Antivirus Software and BitDefender products.


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NordVPN 3-Years Subscription

Online Internet Safety Talks

We provide internet safety talks on Zoom in the english language worldwide. We speak Schools, Businesses, NGAs . During this world wide lockdown, we provide online courses to advise audiences everywhere about online safety. Enquire now 

This is especially important with internet usage up 50% in recent months.  

Media organisations, simply email '[email protected]' for an interview request.

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[Title]Essential Cyber Security Guide for Small Business

IT Cybersecurity incidents have a devastating impact on business and small home offices with an average loss in 2019 costing over $330,000 per incident according to London insurer Hiscox (who have a vested interest in selling cyber insurance). However, the loss of data and reputation can't be quantified. Which is why professional service companies are such a sweet target.

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