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Parents Nightmare

Tiktok, Snapchat, Instagram. There is nothing that worries, frightens parents more than social media. Why do kids, teenagers love it so much and are addicted to it. This eBook will help understand social media and give some great tips. Finally, there has been good news here too.

In the last couple of years, studies from Oxford say that our fears and concerns might be overstated, that social media might be forming some the strongest friendships ever seen

Not a Prince anymore

TikTok the app formerly known as isn't a Prince anymore. So, what is it? TikTok is a creativity platform where kids - especially young girls post a 15-second short-form video for upload to the TikTok social media portal. Users enjoy syncing, editing and preparing the videos to feature tween age creativity,

Since 2018, kids have found it has become more sinister, as somewhere where strangers wander about looking for younger kids. Here is how to make TikTok private.




The Sun tackled TikTok hard

When Rupert Murdoch is compalining about you, you are doing something very right or just wrong. It is said his wife Jerry Hall (Mick Jaggers ex wife) showed a TikTok video to Rupert, he instantly hated it & asked some of his newspapers to look into it further.   

The Sun then takled TikTok hard. The main thrust being that TikTok needs to respond to concerns about their users' wellbeing. The Sun wants TikTok to open a European office, to actively look after the portal and European users from whom The Sun, it makes the bulk of is profits. No profit without representation.

The Sun won this one. TikTok is opening and staffing offices in Dublin, Ireland as of Decmber 2020.


What Readers Say

James Mc Loughlin. US Review from Amazon 5 star rated
How to Keep your child and yourself safe. The importance of this cannot be more important in todays tech world. We are at its mercy if we do not take care and this book certainly helps. I would recommend it for all families that want to keep their children safe in this digital world. I have no doubt the stories in it are true and scary. We are all vulnerable if we are not careful. I would give this book 10 out of 10.

Mark Mulhern, 5 star on Amazon, NY, USA
Enjoyed the book. Gave me practical advice on how to manage the kids’ digital usage (as well as my own !).Book is useful for parents and educators. Worth referring back to.

Tony Burke, Wicklow, Ireland
Its great so much to consider


TikTok thwarts Gays, the Fat & Disabled.


TikTok is the flavour of the month. Formerly known as until Chinese Company Bytedance bought it in 2018. Merged with the Bytedance product Douhin, and was relaunched as TikTok. TikTok rules the waves now, putting everyone else in the shade including Snapchat, Facebook, YouTube with Instagram suffering the most.

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