Primary Schools Speakers UK / Ireland

We’re looking for some one great..

We’re expanding our Speaking services. We need dedicated Primary/Junior School speakers for the UK / Ireland. For our Ireland role, Fluent natural English is required. Must be able to travel in Dublin, Leinster. This is a very rewarding role as you will be helping people. Are you able to relate to kids 8-12 years old. If you're Interested in Parenting, internet, children. If you know anyone who might be interested, please share.

Every session is different, some days its a small school with 40 students in total, the next a schools with 800 students and you are only talking to 5 & 6th class and a parents group. Likely to be 3 days/session a week and training will be provided usually not Fridays. We would love to hear from you. You DO not need to be professionally qualified, we’re looking for the best suited not the best qualified.

Get in touch, we will talk terms, what's involved, whats in it for you. Note-this is NOT a full time position, it will be mainly during the school year and may the odd time involve evenings. There's great job satisfaction in this role. There's the chance to expand the role as well. 



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We encourage each other to work together and help one another make our work life at Conach more satisfying and rewarding. We are always looking for motivated team members who want to work with precision, excellence, and dedication. We offer continued training and support to help cultivate leadership qualities in everyone. Why we are the preferred employer of choice in our industry

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We enjoy each others company and like to have fun. We are growing everyday We provide steady work and new  oppportunities to develop and learn new skills


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