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Zoom is making internet safety talks popular again

Zoom is fantastic for Internet Safety Talks

Zoom is the world's 2nd most downloaded mobile app, behind only TikTok. Over the last 4 years, we have spoken with over 500 Schools in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, France, Russia and Spain. We are delighted to continue offering this online safety talks for parents, schools and teachers.  We have completely re-written our talks for 2020 for our new #COVID19 world. ZOOM enables us to remain safe, deliver the best possible, most relevant updated talks. Zoom is suddenly everywhere. 

Parents Attendance is UP, a lot!

Good news on the parents front, Internet Safety Talks for parents are seeing far more attendees than previously in Schools. So far, we estimate turnout is up 400% over previous years. Parents appreciate the convenience of being able to watch. listen, participate from home.  Even small schools are seeing over 100 parents turn up online. Booking request

Parents evening in West Kensington 'The Mullberry House' 2019 - Attendances much larger this year

Reasons to be concerned, a lot!

A recent study by L1GHT analyzed millions of websites and social platforms early in the COVID-19 pandemic. They found a 70% increase in bullying and abusive language among kids and teens on social media and chat forums, a 40% increase in toxicity on gaming platforms, and a 200% spike in traffic to hate sites.

Teachers are also struggling to manage online security concerns amid school closures, including the appearance of anonymous Instagram accounts being used to bully students and classroom “Zoom-bombing,” when an uninvited user disrupts a video call with obscene gestures or racial slurs.

Most noticeable is the increase in abuse towards Chinese people and China online, up 400%.

Depression, Anxiety, Low self-esteem, Poor School performance

Victims of cyberbullying are at risk of depression, anxiety, substance abuse, low self-esteem, poor school performance, and an increased risk of suicidal behaviour. Besides, information posted online is difficult to erase and can affect future school and job prospects. This October, National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month is happening when kids are spending an unprecedented amount of time on screens

The need for Internet safety, greater than ever:

● 900% increase in hate speech on Twitter directed towards China and the Chinese. 
● 200% increase in traffic to hate sites and specific posts against Asians.
● 70% increase in hate between kids and teens during online chats.
● 40% increase in toxicity on popular gaming platforms, such as Discord.
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Research shows a big increase in trolling, hate, flaming since COVID19


Age 4-7

  • Establish usage levels and internet rules at home.
  • No Social Media, Very controlled Gaming, Strict Rules-based culture
  • Lack the critical thinking skills to be online alone
  • Easily frightened by realistic portrayals of violence, threats or dangers
  • Vulnerable to advertisers who encourage them to give out personal information through surveys, contests and registration forms

7-10-year-olds Stranger Danger online. 

  • Developing their online defence, ‘My friends only’
  • Privacy Settings and recognising when someone may not be who they say they are.
  • Kindness online and how to avoid/deal with cyberbullying
  • Gaming, Social Media ( Instagram, Tik Tok)– Privacy
  • Telling parents, teachers and/or guardians when you’re worried or unsure about something online or on social media.
  • What not to text or share - tailored for the age group
  • Appropriate surfing age for kids, when parents aren’t supervising.   

11-13 year-olds

  • As above
  • Explore, Advice, Guidance
  • The danger of the written word on the net and its power
  • Bullying, Posting properly, Online behaviour?
  • Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, 
  • Inappropriate things to share online 

Any mature themes are handled with advice from School/Teachers and based on reaction. 

Parents and Guardians Online Safety Talk 

  • Review/Preview of the day & what was / will be said to the classes on the day
  • Best practice for their kids
  • Common sense guidelines & parental responsibilities 
  • Advice for managing younger/older children
  • Reasonable internet/gaming time
  • Can I look/demand to look at Kids/Teenagers phones?
  • What’s the law? Legal Issues, Can Police get involved?
  • Protecting your children
  • Helping your children lead happy lives at school, home and play 

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