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Snapchat explained for parents - King amongst teenagers

What is SnapChat?

Snapchat is the king of social media for teenagers and young adults. It’s so quick and easy to get running. Snapchat allows you to take photos and share them between friends, along with a message. 

SnapChat safety - Internet safety for kids

The received picture & message then disappears from the recipients phone within a matter of seconds. This is Snapchat's most famous feature, the cause of all the trouble and the feature most copied by others like Facebook and Instagram.

Snapchat is the king of the schoolyard. It's the most popular social media platform for the under 24's. If kids or young adults are messing about, they're doing it or arranging it on Snapchat including sexting and bullying.

What’s the beef?

The beef is the disappearing messages and Snapchat's recent history.  A couple of years ago, Evan Spiegal and Bobby Murphy, the original founders and owners had to ask users to stop sexting and bullying on the platform, numerous times.  

People were also alarmed that the US Govt (Federal Communications) had to force Snapchat to admit that 'Yes' indeed, they did keep the messages. 

Snapchat like everyone else helps itself to ALL the data on your phone, email, contacts, pictures etc. Snap Inc. sells this/your information to partners, which is corporate speak for anyone willing to pay for it, literally, anyone.

Who is using it?

Tweens and Teenagers love the spontaneity of the app.  They can take a photo and share it with their friends, but with the added bonus of the photo not lasting longer than a few seconds.

What are the issues?

Most photos in Snapchat are 'selfies' (picture of yourself) with many being funny, stupid or embarrassing. The fact that the image will disappear after a few seconds, tempts the users into sharing some naked/semi-naked photos of themselves. 

These photographs make people vulnerable. Snapchat records the fact that a screenshot has been taken, but not if someone has photographed it from another device or camera.

An example of misuse is setting up a proxy account (for example in the name of the young teenage girl next door) and posting photos/sexting in her name. Such activity needs to reported to Snap and the Police immediately.

So what can parents do?

Snapchat is a great app, allowing teens to express themselves and share their days experiences with friends. 

However, as with all Apps and internet use, parents need to remind their kids of the risks and etiquette of using this technology. 

And you can't see what they're doing or saying without their password for access to Snapchat. Good luck getting them to hand over their password. Kids need to understand their responsibility.

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