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Roblox, the latest gaming fad online - Internet Safety

We are hearing from a lot of Customers, Parents, Teachers and Schools about kids on Roblox. Should parents ban it in the home? etc.

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Snapchat explained for parents - King amongst teenagers

The received picture & message then disappears with a matter a matter of seconds on the recipients phone. This is Snapchats most famous feature, the cause of all the trouble and the feature most copied by others like Facebook, Instagram.

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Hosting Summer Students - Agreeing the Online Rules

Parents regularly tell us that they're not sure how much online time international students should have or whether they should be regulating what students look at. 

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Putting iKydz to the Test. A Parent’s View

We asked one of our competition winners, Rhoda Mc Donald to give us her iKydz verdict; so we asked her about how easy it is to use and whether she’d recommended it to other parents. Here’s what Rhoda thinks.

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Parental Control Software - Internet Safety for Kids and Teens

Protect your entire family with F-Secure SAFE - Internet safety for kids and teens.

You can take control of what your family and others see online when browsing to make sure people get the best from the internet. And control when and for long people use the internet. Research shows teenage boys can spending 8 hours a day online - time to take control. 


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