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Making Emails Safe Again!

Making Email Safe for everyone - 

I already have my Secure Email Gateway SEG! So Why on earth do I need this?

It's a question we get all the time. So here is the answer:

  • Standard anti-virus solutions only catch 80% of the risk
  • As the bumper sticker says, s**t happens
  • Criminal hackers are getting too good
  • Red, Amber or Green traffic lights tell your team whether email is good or bad

Email attacks are increasingly sophisticated. It is much more challenging for traditional security measures to keep up. Cybercriminals want access to your sensitive business information. 

  • Your Bank
  • Your business systems. CRM, ERP.
  • Your Business Email Inbox

The easiest one of these to hit by a mile is? Your Inbox!

And why is that?

  • Weakest Passwords
  • Tired, Distracted Staff - Human Error
  • So they target with Ransomware, Phishing etc.
  • Easy Target. Big Rewards.

Criminals are moving and changing their attacks and how they attack constantly. Book a Demo.

Why do you need to protect your Email Inboxes?

  • Email use is rising
  • Criminals take advantage of this
  • Worldwide IT staff shortages
  • Teach and train your staff to be more aware
  • Close the door on crime.

Let's make your Inbox safe again!

Let's Change that for you now!


Famous Swiss cheese with holes in it! Just like most email cybersecurity systems. 

What is phishing? 

The sending of emails from a trusted source to make the recipient reveal sensitive information, such as login credentials, financial data or access to your bank. 

What is Spear phishing?

It is a more targeted phishing, where cybercriminals personalise the emails to make them appear even more convincing. Most organisations will have already experienced this. Many people have already been hit or know someone who has been hit

  • Insurance broker's Financial controller transferred €44,000 based on a fake email from her CEO - Wrote the money off
  • Sales Director provided the contact details of every client based on a fake email - They went out of business

What is malware infection? 

Cybercriminals use malicious attachments or links to infect systems with malware. Malware is used to steal data, encrypt files for ransom, or use infected machines to launch further attacks. 

So what is the issue for your business?

Traditional email security measures, such as spam filters and antivirus software, can help prevent some email attacks, but they cannot catch all of them. 

I already have Secure Email protection on my SEG (Secure email gateway)I already have Secure Email protection my SEG (Secure email gateway)


Inbox guard does what it says. It guards your Inbox - Green for Go


Customers, suppliers & shareholders won't be impressed at all

A successful email attack will probably mean.

  • Financial consequences 
  • Reputational damage 
  • Legal consequences
  • Staff morale

Take email security seriously and implement an effective email security strategy to protect their most valuable assets. 

Human error is the weakest link. 

One-click on a malicious link or attachment by a distracted or unaware employee could lead to serious consequences. You need to take a multi-layered approach to email security, protecting staff and the business. 

Technology & Staff training

This includes employing advanced security measures

  • Artificial intelligence-based threat detection 
  • To spot behaviours or anomalous content for threats 
  • Staff training & awareness programs to avoid email attacks. 

No Blame Culture

Encourage people to highlight cyber security issues and not hide them. Many staff say they are afraid of reporting issues for fear of censure

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