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8 Benefits to Using Password Management Software

Don't use bad passwords, use a password manager

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The average business user has 150 plus passwords to manage. Who has the time to remember 100+ passwords.

Our Passwords are easy to remember and even easier to guess. Every year, the most common password around the world is “123456” with “qwerty” and "Liverpool FC" featuring highly in UK and Ireland. It's been the same since the 1990s.

If you’re using these silly passwords in a personal or business capacity, it's time to change. Happily, it is a problem with a painless solution. 

The idea of using a password manager is a pain in the proverbial. So how do they work and what are the advantages?

The benefits of using a secure password manager. Contact us

1. Generate Strong Passwords

Password managers generate super-strong passwords. You set the safety parameters required and they do the rest. You determine;

  • Length
  • Special characters
  • Security Level

Remembering 100s of hard to break passwords is impossible, especially since they are a string of letters, numbers, and special characters. One master password is all you need and you are good to go.  Check June special

2. Individual Vaults for Employees.

All your team passwords are generated and stored in a secure, encrypted vault. No one has access to anyone else's passwords, for obvious reasons. The answer is that each employee has a separate vault, as in our MSP password-managed service using Keeper security. Employees can log in to their vault from anywhere in the world to access their passwords. 

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Change #Passwords for the better

3. A Variety of Log In Methods

Forget your master password? No problem. The Password Less authentication features a built-in two-factor authentication (2FA), which makes security easy. Employees can access their vaults via a password, PIN or biometrics, or even a selfie. The last option works by sending the picture to a device where selfie recognition is set up.

4. Easy to Maintain Best Practices

The best password practices are tricky to maintain without a password manager. The password administrator sets parameters for everyone’s passwords when using our team and enterprise password management service. 

Therefore, everyone has to use strong passwords. It’s easy for the administrator to delete user profiles. Insider threats are a major problem for IT security. Former employees that still have access to your network are a ticking bomb.

When someone leaves the company, your admin can delete their devices and delete their profile, before or after they leave. One-click and they are gone forever. No more access.

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She's about to sign up for our managed password service for business. Good choice.

5. Faster Access for Enrolled Employees

We waste hours when employees guess which one of their passwords they used for an app or service. With us, instead of having to remember a password, employees can take a selfie and login in seconds.

This means that there are fewer delays in the login process, so your employees can get started with their work much faster. Faster log-in means increased productivity for your business in the long run.

6. Easy to Manage Shared Accounts

Shared accounts are a security issue. Across 1000s of organisations around the world, people are logging in using one password on one user.  

Only one person needs to have access to the shared account’s password. Once logged in, they can grant other users access without sharing the password. 

With this technology, the other users can do their jobs without using secured private access, re-introducing security, making them auditable and more conscious of their work. 

7. Easily change your passwords

Password managers make changing or resetting passwords a breeze. If a website you use is hacked, you can stay secure by using a built-in password generator to create a new password.

You can even reset your passwords with the click of a button. You can change all your passwords periodically for better security.

8. Convenient autofill feature

Use the form autofill feature when you have a password vault. Instead of letting your web browser save your form information, entrust your password manager to store personal details safely.

Easy to Encrypt Data

If you’re using the best password manager or one of the best, then you should know that password managers usually can store other types of data too.

  • 2FA 
  • Passports
  • Identity Documents
  • Payment Cards

Password Management Software Is a Must for Business and Personal Users

In today’s world, you owe it to yourself, your family and your business a way to come up with highly secure passwords, yet you also need to access them in a flash. 

The benefits of using a managed service provider for password management are twofold: You don’t have to remember new passwords for every app or learn to use a password manager, and the app or website doesn’t have to worry about losing users’ passwords in a security breach.

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