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Allianz, The German Insurer, says Cyber threat, IT Failure is a bigger threat than Fire, Theft, Flood.

British Airways fined £283 million

BA fined for cyber breach, it security, password manager
BA lied about the extent of the cyber breach, a factor in the £280 fine. 

Updated April 2022 - It is time to consider hosted endpoint protection. Hackers and online criminals are not particularly clever and regard everybody as a target. One of the most productive areas to attack is the SMB sector, especially small businesses.

IT criminals and cybercrime gangs used ransomware attacks to shut down small American towns and cities. When they paid out the ransom, the fix provided by the criminals did not work. As a result, many cities and towns no longer have any computer systems supporting water, police, health, libraries, or payroll. The Millions invested were now wasted, leaving the municipal authorities with no choice other than an expensive rebuild of their computer systems. Our password managers options.

The corporate sector and small businesses are the sweetest targets. Cybercriminals know small companies will pay. Bots (automated intelligent machines) are constantly hunting the web and systems, looking for weak spots and developing new means of attack; it is a war of attrition. Cybercrime is an equal opportunity crime, and any organisation is easy prey for hackers, who use email phishing to break down passwords and gain access.

The Wall Street Journal says that cybercrime is rising fast, increasing each year and that most of the threat is avoidable as much as 95% of all threats. That includes; 

1. Investing in protection
2. improving procedures in the office 
3. Some staff training - Phishing, No clicking on link in emails, using unknow sites

Endpoint Protection is the new thing

Endpoint protection is popular with the SMB sector and smaller companies. Traditionally, antivirus, malware protection, and business interruption services run as an expensive server-based security solutions. 

The standard approach to IT cyber protection required your company to instal and manage your full security suite on a server, without any actual skills in the area. A cloud-based managed solution is preferable, as the solution provider takes care of everything, including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets, to be protected and managed by your service provider. 

This approach speeds up deployment and automates updates for your malware protection which is critical for your business. IT is free to concentrate on business improvement, not protecting the Server. Your entire IT infrastructure supports your business. This means product development, research, CRM & sales development activities, ERP and Finance systems. 

upgrade your internet security, endpoint protection, cloud based password protection
Endpoint security password protection, cloud-based support

Cybercriminals are lazy, feckless and don't care

Cybercriminals and online criminals target small businesses and organisations, as they rarely have antivirus malware, ransomware, or password protection installed. They will request payment in bitcoin before sending you a release key, which most likely will not work.

A monthly rental managed endpoint protection from BeSecureOnline is a lifesaver. These cloud-based services are  ‘software as a service’ or ‘saas’ instead of an ‘on-premise’ package. 

Cybercrime like ransomware is a concern to businesses, municipal authorities and organisations. Defend yourself and your organisation from cyber-breach with proper password managers and endpoint protection.

The most modern and progressive way to defend your organisation from cybercrime is to install protection across your entire network, including mobile phones, laptops, and tablets. We have an attractive monthly no-contract solution that defends your organisation, your future, and your business.


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