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Have you been hacked? It's easy to find out!

monitoring dark web, Monitoring system searches the dark web, hacker forums and internet silk road
Secure and monitor your credential data so you don't a lifeboat

Impress the Boss! 

We can tell you in real-time your organisation has been hacked using our new data mining service. If you warn your boss, CEO, or CISO that cybercriminals have broken into your organisation's secured data, it will impress them. It will be good for you, your organisation and the CEO. The CEO won't forget it was you who told them. See if your company has been hacked

Hackers love credential data. It is the cornerstone of cybersecurity. Many of us have had the same passwords across multiple platforms for years. It is the CEO's fiduciary responsibility to make sure staff are using secure safe passwords and company credentials properly. Here are a few evergreen classics. You need to get rid of today.


So stop making it easy. Start dark web monitoring now. It is getting easier for cybercriminals to get into your sensitive company data and use it against you. 

Business must act 

  • Confidential company information must be protected
  • Stop credential data loss, emails, logins, and App access
  • Banking information
  • ERP & Finance system access
  • Stop Ransomware & Malware

Isn't it better to know if your data is hacked, stolen?

The rise of tech, big data, AI, online digital transactions, and data storage threatens your world, business, and livelihood. We make you aware of these leaks before the stolen hacked data is used against you.

Why should you care? What does this mean for you?

  • Your IT systems destroyed
  • Your competitors seeing your data 
  • Your emails hacked
  • Emails and passwords made public
  • Your livelihood destroyed
  • You won't need to pay ransom

Forbes says CEOs worry about cyber threats more than any other single threat. No sane board will pay a CEO bonus after a company cyber-breach. They may have to resign. Cybersecurity is a big concern for companies. 

Businesses are the leading target for cyber-attacks. Every day brings news of ways for hackers to breach the most secure systems. Request a Trial.

What the cybercriminals do

Once cybercriminals get your login credentials, they can access your entire digital profile. It's a stark reminder of how crucial it is to maintain vigilance over digital identities and safeguard sensitive information. 

Let's see if your organisation has been hacked!

A 60-second Check will reveal all!

monitoring dark web, Monitoring system searches the dark web, hacker forums and internet silk road
Protect your data, stop data leaks, ransomware, credential loss and you won't need rescue - Pic_The Guardian UK

Introducing Trillion

Stop credential theft with Trillion, the leading-edge credential monitoring service protecting businesses. 

The trillion mining platform monitors the system and searches the dark web, hacker forums and silk road to find where and when hackers share usernames and passwords within their community. When Trillion finds your stolen credentials online. We will notify you there and then. This is something your CEO will want to know. This makes you and your CEO look good on top of your job!

How do you benefit/win?

Staying vigilant
Be aware when cybercriminals have targeted you.
Take action to stop cybercrime.

We work all day so that you know that your most sensitive information is safe. Trillion's monitoring system keeps your company's digital profile safe. 

Whether it's email login credentials or access to your accounting software

Why Choose Trillion? 

Fast notification 
High Tech monitoring technology
The best cybersecurity countermeasures

Remediation is the way to protect your company from a damaging cyber-attack. Stop the criminals in advance by seeing them early.

Trillion is an investment in your company. 

  • A commitment to safeguarding your company's digital profile, 
  • Prevent the potential loss of income from ransomware or stolen information. 

Maintain the confidence of your customers by ensuring that their sensitive information is always secure. Regulatory bodies start insisting on stringent cybersecurity. Data security commits you to data privacy and builds trust in your brand. 

Final Thoughts 

Shielding against credential theft is ideal for businesses protecting their digital footprint. Trillion works seamlessly, so your team can work effectively without worrying about cybersecurity. 

State-of-the-art monitoring technology. Trust your company's credentials are safe. So you can focus on growing your business. 


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