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Building a Human Firewall

The Human Firewall, Here's a sobering truth!

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The human firewall teaches us to protect

The Human Firewall

Awareness training is an essential component of building a human firewall. The training educates employees to recognise and respond to cybersecurity threats. Staff improve their understanding of the importance of protecting sensitive information and their role in keeping the organisation safe. 

The training should cover various topics; 

  • Phishing, Smishing, Slinking
  • Password security, 
  • Social engineering 
  • Malware
  • Cyber Security

Staff, Teachers, and employees learn to identify suspicious emails, links, and attachments. Email us now

Cybersecurity is so boring, it has to be made Interesting! 

The training needs to be engaging and interactive to ensure that employees improve their cyber awareness and develop safer IT habits.

The human firewall is only as strong as its weakest link, and that link is almost always the employees. By providing them with the knowledge and tools to identify and respond to threats, they become the first line against cyber attacks. With regular awareness training, organisations can create a culture of cybersecurity, where everyone takes responsibility for keeping sensitive information safe.

Security awareness training can give people and staff a healthy sense of suspicion to avoid falling for scams and other social engineering attacks.

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Promoting a cybersecurity culture

Another major advantage of cyber awareness training is that it promotes a culture of cybersecurity. Educating staff members on the importance of cybersecurity and providing them with the tools, skills and knowledge to protect themselves and the organisation creates a sense of responsibility and accountability among employees. This leads to better compliance with security policies and a higher security awareness throughout the organisation.

In conclusion, cyber awareness training is essential to any organisation's cybersecurity strategy. By enabling staff members to make their own cyber decisions and promoting a culture of cybersecurity, organisations reduce the risk of a cyber-attack, protecting their sensitive data. 

Therefore, organisations must invest in cyber awareness training to ensure staff members have the knowledge and skills to identify and prevent cyber threats.

Here's a sobering truth!

Your cyber awareness program and content are the visible ‘face’ of your department to the rest of the organisation. Especially if you are in a larger organisation. Most of your colleagues don't know you, they only know what your department produces. For that reason, it HAS to be as good or better than anything else the organisation does. Otherwise, cyber-security, your department won't get any respect.

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