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Why Nord VPN is better than Vypr VPN - True Story

VyprVPN gives up NordVPN nails it

We cut ties with Vypr VPN earlier this year following a trial of the Vypr VPN product and experienced repeated streaming content failures and poor service levels. 

The streaming content was one service that they said always worked is BBC iPlayer. If you are a VPN provider, you need to make sure that US Netflix and BBC iPlayer work. That's the benchmark. If BBC iPlayer does not work, then you are not a VPN company. It is that simple.

nord vpn bbc iplayer
BBC iPlayer really works on NordVPN- Most services no longer work on iPlayer. NordVPN does

Here is what happened

We wanted to use iPlayer and ITV Hub on to watch a match on February 9th 2021 during the lockdown. It's a Saturday afternoon. We powered up the laptop to connect to the TV to watch one of the Six Nations Rugby matches. We wanted to get a different commentator. 

We switched on Vypr VPN, closed the browser, and restarted the machine. It is always a good idea to do this, to get a clean VPN connection.

After doing all the above, we tweeted a question to Vypr VPN to see if help was available. It wasn't and our tweet remains unanswered 5 months later. We emailed to see what could be done and got no response. Their website says they are an award-winning VPN service provider with 'best in class' streaming. 

nord vpn, bbc iplayer, us netflix, streaming
BBC iPlayer works on Nord VPN- We've been using it for a year. Most services no longer work on iPlayer. Nord VPN does

We decided to give NordVPN a go!

So we downloaded NordVPN and give that a try with minutes to go before the kick-off. We started Nord VPN and had a question which you can see NordVPN answered. We switched to DMs to chat and Nord VPN told us to connect to a different server in the UK for faster service. We did so and it was perfect. No buffering for over 35 minutes. Clear as a bell. See our NordVPN Page

No response from Vypr VPN

vypr vpn, nord vpn, us netflix, nord vpn best for streaming

What we got from Vypr VPN

In July 2021, we had not received a response from Vypr regarding their lack of service in the UK. The main reason most of us want a VPN is to watch international content. We emailed too, and they didn't get back to us. 

VPN, nord vpn

What we got from NordVPN

The NordVPN Service is excellent. The service engineer whose initials are D.I was amazing. He sorted us out quickly to get the fastest available UK server for the match. He followed up by e-mail later in the day personally, not a bot email.

nord vpn, streaming, eastenders

Does Nord VPN ever fail?

IF you have been using a browser for over 10 minutes and have visited several sites, then decide you want to change location. You need to close and re-start the browser. Sometimes you need to power up the laptop again. However, that's a minor inconvenience. It has never failed completely though.

The founder of Gucci famously said 'Long after the price is forgotten, you will always remember the quality.' 

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