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  • Faster Internet Speeds
  • Use the internet privately
  • A must for every Phone, Computer
  • Used by millions

Secure, Faster, Stronger

Thought US Netflix was gone in Europe, It's not. 

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Never miss your favourite show again

Traveling, working in coffee shops or browsing on any other unsecure Wi-Fi connection, VyprVPN keeps your Internet connection secure and private. 5 day rial now

VyprVPN is one of the world’s most popular virtual private network providers. Offering 'end to end' encryption through our downloadable apps, which allow people to securely and privately connect to our global servers around the world.

VPN Protects you on Wi-Fi

Whether you’re traveling, working in coffee shops or browsing on any other unsecure Wi-Fi connection, VyprVPN keeps your Internet connection secure and private. 

Secures Your Internet Connection

VyprVPN secures your Internet connection to prevent hackers and third-party snoops from viewing your personal communications, information and data. And VyprVPN safeguards your Internet usage with the following practices and features: 

Trusted by Millions

We’ve been publicly verified by an independent audit that VyprVPN logs zero personally identifiable information, so we keep your information private. The following are kept private and never logged: Your IP address, your location, the websites you visit, and your personal communications.

Strong Encryption

Use a strong AES 256-bit encryption by default and also provide DNS protection.

Personalized Kill Switch Feature

A built-in Kill Switch kicks in to safeguard your online security if your VPN connection breaks. This feature shields your online activity from monitoring or surveillance by any intrusive government.

No 3rd Parties

We own every VPN server and piece of hardware we use to make sure no one outside of VyprVPN can ever have access to the identity of our customers.

The People's VPN

Our user-friendly VPN apps are available on all devices, including Android and iOS. You can log on to as many as five different devices at the same time. With over 2 million customers worldwide, VyprVPN allows you to connect safely at home or on the go.

Protect Privacy

VyprVPN technology safeguards  privacy and security with multiple encryption protocols, secure DNS, and features like our personalized Kill Switch just in case your connection drops. No data tracking and your personal internet logs and usage not sold to anyone.

Get Unlimited Streaming

The best VPN for streaming with lightning fast and reliable connections, no matter where you are. With our global network of servers, you can rely on VyprVPN for access to all top streaming services.

Beat Censorship

Forget censorship and experience a truly open internet. Supported by Chameleon™ Protocol, you can access blocked websites, apps, and streaming services without worrying about any government restrictions.

Powerful Servers for Fast Connections

Upgraded global servers to give users a fast and reliable VPN connection for streaming and downloading from anywhere, worldwide. VyprVPN owns their own servers in over 70 countries around the globe, and with a single click, you have over 200,000 IP addresses at your disposal to mask your location.

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