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Very informative, interesting talk!
Emma Hoey,
Ardmac, Manchester

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What your business gains from our Talks!

  • Latest thoughts from the cyber security world
  • A different voice to re-iterate the life giving force of IT
  • Simple steps we can take to protect ourselves everyday.
  • Engaging information and stories to drive home the message.

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Smart Teenager talks about reality of social media, We respond,


A Bristol teenager writes. "I feel that screen limits should depend on the kid. My brother is driven to do anything restricted from him. Screen time is annoying especially now during corona because I only get 20 minutes of Snapchat and less than 3 on other social media apps"

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Posted by Graham Mulhern on Saturday, October 17, 2020 Views: 181

Testimonials from recent businesses

Wellbeing, Phone Addiction, Lost Productivity, Work Distraction

Excellent Speakers, very effective. Thoroughly informative, one of the best Speakers ever invited. Spoke to our World Cup squad about the online threats in Russia. Delivery was perfect, concise, interesting and really informative. The Manager, Gareth was especially happy as he really didn't want any issues with players during the WC. 

Frank Chappell The English FA, Wembley