Parents Sessions 

Kids who are thaught to use the Internet properly do better in school, life and exams.

Primary School 

Messaging for Junior School Parents

  • The school needs to send a consistent message to Parents
  • There are no legal protections on Social Media owing to underage use 
  • Privacy setting on all social media ‘My friends only’
  • TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram are the most popular social media platforms
  • Using real parental control is a good idea, why trust the kids to enforce it.
  • Profiles use real names and photos. Facebook says fake accounts bully more 5 times more
  • School is allowed to review phones, kids have no right to privacy and should not expect privacy.
  • No Snapmaps, No Ghost mode (very popular features in Snapchat)
  • For very young kids not allowed to watch Professional Youtubers without parental vetting 
  • Social media is not a race, limit followers a child can't possibly have 1,200 friends. Police worldwide say this is a 'No-No'.



Ages 13-19 years

What we tell Senior School parents

  • Sexting and the damage done.
  • What is said about Sexting based on their age in the school
  • TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram. We break all of them down
  • Especially TikTok
  • Gaming - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
  • Learn to win not loose online
  • What Kids are doing online
  • The Police, The Law, Border Control, Encryption
  • Teenagers don't know everything
  • Finally, Online Reputation, what it means, How to get a good one.

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Parental Talk on Zoom

Police worldwide recommend this simple privacy policy for kids and teenagers on Social Media, obviously there is a litte play as they get older, but the message remains the same and facebook state this very clearly having researched it.  People using fake (proxy) open accounts are at least five times more likely to bully online. 5 min watch.

Online safety briefing for Parents

  • Service offered in English
  • Available internationally
  • UAE, Russia, Switzerland, France, Germany (US Military Bases), Romania,
  • International Schools
  • Bespoke


What they are saying

'Talk was amazing, Thank you' Natasha Drew, Blackrock College 2019

'Your 8pm Talk last night got great feedback, please send recording as soon as possible'  Magaret Kinsella, WWETB, November 2020

'Right on Topic, Thank you, so much we didn't know' Jake Godfrey, The Mendip School, Somerset. Jan 2020

'Thank you so much, a lovely talk, delivered perectly and effectively for our School, Gracias' Verónica Sánchez, SEK Qatar.

What Readers Say

James Mc Loughlin. US Review from Amazon 5 star rated
How to Keep your child and yourself safe. The importance of this cannot be more important in todays tech world. We are at its mercy if we do not take care and this book certainly helps. I would recommend it for all families that want to keep their children safe in this digital world. I have no doubt the stories in it are true and scary. We are all vulnerable if we are not careful. I would give this book 10 out of 10.

Mark Mulhern, 5 star on Amazon, NY, USA
Enjoyed the book. Gave me practical advice on how to manage the kids’ digital usage (as well as my own !).Book is useful for parents and educators. Worth referring back to.

Tony Burke, Wicklow, Ireland
Its great so much to consider

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Don't use TikTok if you want to be safe!


Bytedance has been blessed with the success of TikTok, however, success brings critics, political battles with Donald Trump, rebuke from Police Forces worldwide, accusations that stalkers, weirdos are grooming kids on the portal and allegations they don't care about user safety at all.  Aside from that, it's going great.

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