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GDPR Penalties & Directors Fines – Harshest ever Fines & No SME exemptions

  • Fines upto €20 million or 4% of T/O
  • Directors fines upto €250,000
  • Inspectors will need evidence of steps taken
  • Still Emailing spreadsheets of data to everyone?
  • Have you appointed a compliance officer?

It's the first step in a whole line of laws for handling data and personal details online.

Bobby Kerr, Newtalk, talks internet safety with GrahamBobby Kerr, Newstalk business chats with Graham Mulhern, CEO

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GDPR Speakers

GDPR Talks - The biggest change in business since the €/Euro - Coming May 2018

GDPR Infographic

  • The biggest change in business since the Euro
  • New laws to tighten up the way we use data everywhere
  • Britain is opted in to GDPR, Britain is implementing GDPR
  • No exemptions, No Opt outs for anyone in the EU
  • Fines & Penalties to be largest ever imposed on business 


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Let’s face it, the internet can be a nasty place


Between predators, malware, explicit content, and other less than well intended content, kids don’t have much of a chance of escaping the worst the internet has to offer. 

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