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Updated Feb 2022. 

As parents and guardians, we want our children to be protected online and use the net safely. The good news is there's much we can do for free. Good parenting means setting up parental controls on your kid's devices.

Much as we'd like to be there for our kids every minute of every day, we just can't. With parental control, there are several things we can do out of the box for free, which is great. 👍 

Two things to watch for: first-switch off 'In-App' purchases and second-switch on 'Parental control'. These are two things you have to switch on, yourself. Read our article for  Ten great reasons.

TikTok Privacy Setup

interenet safety for children, kids, schools, parents, tiktok privacyTikTok, Police forces everywhere recommend switching on privacy. 

TikTok Protection

The kids' favourite, TikTok, is super enjoyed by young adults in 2022. Formerly TikTok is now owned by China's Bytedance. Police worldwide say it is vital to be safe on TikTok. Here's how to make TikTok safe 

Chrome Protection

Most devices include parental controls, you need to use them, check Youtube for how to do it (this example shows how to set up protection on Chrome). In this guide, we have written up the directions for setting up parental controls on your devices. Setting up Chrome protection is pretty easy (Parental Controls).

  • For free right now
  • Go to "Content Settings" in Chrome;
  • Check what has already been viewed.
  • Ensure that Google's kids' search is on.
  • Go to Google's internet search results page (SERP) then go to "Settings" tick on "SafeSearch."
  • You can use Chrome-based parental control, for example, "Babysitter for Google Chrome" to block certain sites and set time restraints.
  • But it will only be for Chrome, better than nothing.


internet safety talks, January 2020
Setting up privacy stops your kid's bullying and being bullied

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla has parental control blocking such as adult-content, violence. Firefox will check if you are running online protection for children on your PC or MAC and immediately apply it.

If not, Firefox has settings you can use to control your kids' access to sites. For example, you can switch off the 'remember passwords' option and stop your kids' accessing password-protected sites.

Other parental controls on Firefox include "Block site" and "FoxFilter". We have checked this, and it's easy to set up and quite effective. Make sure that Firefox is the only active browser. You can block Snapchat, Fortnite, Minecraft.

Click here to go directly to kids protection in Firefox


Internet Explorer/ Microsoft Edge Microsoft does a good job in parental controls. Go to "Web Choices" and choose the "Content" tab, look for "Content Counselor.". You can choose what type of site you want to block for your kids: sex, hate, crime, violence, betting, arms, etc. 

They have nice slider bars to different restriction settings under this territory from " everything is permitted" to " everything is blocked". 

Create a list of permitted sites for your children to use the "Good sites" tab. This controls the range of parental control that you want to install for online child protection.

Microsoft Instructions XBox and Windows10  Television Parental Controls

New TV sets have parental controls. Check before purchasing a new TV. Does this TV have parental control options? Can I prevent access to specific channels or have the television switch itself 'off' after a specified time.

Press "Menu" on your remote control. Scroll through the choices. You'll either find a "Lock" alternative or "Parental Controls." You will need your Wi-Fi password from the house router. TVs are monitors now more than televisions, connected to Playstation for example. 

Select the "Lock" or "Parental Controls" choice. You will need to enter a password. Make sure parental controls are set up on your PlayStation and other gaming devices. Set the locking highlights you want. 

We tested LG, Samsung and Sony for this article and found the control pretty strong on Sony. 

Parental Controls for Sony and Samsung here

Samsung Parental Controls

Setting Up Parental Controls on Smartphones

In 2022, it is hard to say that it is any easier to put parental controls on smartphones and tablets. That is because it's so simple for kids to open applications and spend money on credit cards attached to the App or Apple Pay. Apple | Android made it simpler to restrict and control access for children with improved access.

  • Go to "Settings" then "Clients". 
  • Make different profiles for everyone in the house. 
  • Follow the directions to finish the setup. 
  • Go to your children's profile. Set up parental controls. 
  • To set up parental controls for Play Store: 
  • Open the Play Store app & Tap "Menu" on the upper left section. 

Go to "Settings" and tap on "Parental Controls. "Turn on parental controls. Create a PIN. Pick a PIN for just you. 

Choose what the kids can see and when they may watch it. Select content filtering. Beyond the Play Store, there are more parental control applications to download, web filtering, etc. These will control messaging, calling, surfing (including content control settings ) 

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Podcasts Listen back to some of our radio interviews and updates on online safety for all of us.

iPhone and iPad

Below is Apple's new Screentime feature, its not perfect by any means but it's a start. The usage figures are not yet reliable for the App limits, downtime and time limits seem to work well. Works on iPhone, iPads and Macbooks. Below is the Macbook version.

apple screentime for parental control, kids online safety

iOS Screentime on iPhone, worth a go. Click and Go. 

Go to "Settings" and tap "Screen Time." Select either "This is My device" or "This is My Kid's device." Enter a password for access to the device's features. Tap "Content and Security Limitations." Enter the password when asked and turn on "Content and Privacy." Prevent purchasing in iTunes & Application Store.  "iTunes and Application Store Buys" and select "Don't Allow.

We always recommend that Card is disconnected specifically. Switch off 'In-App Purchases'. 

Stop Siri web search :> Go to "Content Limitations" and search for Siri. Switch off.

Head over to "Game Center" to limit gaming. Select your settings. When setting up different parental control measures for all your devices at home, you'll be increasingly able to control kids' internet safety and build confidence. This offers kids the chance to enjoy the internet, giving you peace of mind.

Full Listing here

Switch off 'In-App' purchase on Amazon       

Google Chrome - YouTube

Mozilla Firefox

Apple iPod, iPad, iPhone

Xbox & Windows 10:


Sony Television settings

PlayStation Network
For PS4

You can block Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok, Fortnite, ROBLOX pretty easily. We cover these in our online safety School TalksYou don't have to buy our F Secure SAFE, Bitdefender products to do this.

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Don't spend a penny on your children's online protection, here's how! 

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