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CyberAttack Update for Business. 95% of all breaches could have been prevented.

The scale of the cyber threat to your business is enormous, and it's still inadequately reported despite the GDPR.

It’s said that conservatively 2 million cyberattacks took place in 2018, costing an estimated $45 billion in damages worldwide. Most experts place this figure much higher, as many still don’t reports attacks or payments.

Prevention and Protection are the best way to protect your business. The Police simply dont know and more importantly don't have the IT Cyber means yet. 

If you are reviewing internet security in your organisation, here's something to know, the most vulnerable part of your business is email. This is where most cyber threats arise and are a front door for cyber criminals... Staff make mistakes, they're only human.

If you think it doesn't matter here is link for UK ICO Enforcements. Virtually every day people are fined and issued penalties. The most expensive naughtly step in the UK.

  1. BA fined £183 million,
  2. Fines of £600 to Doctor Surgery for sending email to personal email address containing patients details.
  3. MHRC, London Met Police given warning, 

Spamina's Cloud Email Firewall analyses billions of emails every day aiming at identifying spam patterns in real time, blocking their entry. Suspicious email is quarantined in our data centres for up to 28 days.

Email filtering detects all sorts of threats including spam, phishing, malware and viruses in real time using advanced patterns and classifications techniques.

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Ransomware attacks

Results compiled by the US Online Trust Alliance (OTA), UK Police, Russian cyber authorities who compile this data from the United States, Europe and elsewhere, ransomware-type attacks did at least $8 billion in damages last year.

These attacks consisted of hijacking data from a user via malware before demanding ransom in return for unlocking the data – It is believed that ransomware attacks will grow to cost $20 billion in 2021. We recommend not paying unless you know for certain that the data can be released, demand a demonstration. Otherwise your data is gone, most of these organisation couldn’t care less about re instating your data once paid. They don’t need to.

They are too numerous to mention but many have to re build their entire network, including the Cities of Atlanta, Baltimore and Japan City of Osaka.

Phishing attacks

Furthermore, large losses (over $1.3 billion) were also caused by frauds involving the theft of e-mail addresses of individuals or companies, a technique known as “phishing” in which crooks send e-mails containing a malicious link or an infected document. Honestly we think this figure is ridiculously low. Check to see have you been hit in an email attack. You will be in good company, for example, John Brennan, Director of the CIA , Diego Maradona, Justin Bieber and of course Mark Zuckerberg


Also growing cryptojacking or crypto mining in which cybercriminals compromise a website or or server. computer or smartphone to mine Bitcoin or Monero. In 2018, the cybersecurity experts detected more than 1.3 million instances of cryptojacking code.

BEC Attack

Business Email Compromise (BEC),  sometimes referred to as Email Account Compromise (EAC), attacks also growing in 2019. Employees are deceived into sending funds (or equivalent, such as gift cards) as a response to emails from attackers pretending to be vendors or executives.

BEC attacks doubled in 2018, resulting in $1.3 billion in losses as employees were deceived into sending funds or gift cards to attackers who use email to impersonate vendors or executives.

A UK Insurance brokerage in Leeds, operating over all the UK suffered a £318,000 loss when Finance Director did not contact her MD to confirm an email he sent her. He was playing golf, it was late in the evening and she wanted to get home. She was convinced it was a genuine email from him.

Police forces worldwide, fear this far larger than admitted especially amongst smaller privately owned business. Legal, Finance and Brokerages have proven especially vulnerable.

Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated to target their victims, however, many attacks could have been avoided with more effective computer security.

Check out Spamina Email protection now. Email is the biggest online threat to Business.

Nigerian General 2.0 – They haven't gone away you know

We know what you’ve been watching

In a more personal realm a particular email circulating currently claims to have been watching & recording people late at night seeks $700 to $2000 to be paid in Bitcoin.

If they had this access, you would already be locked out and they would have demanded money with menaces.  Here at BeSecureOnline, we know that people pay these Bitcoin ransoms, only to discover antidotes don’t work.

Every minute of the day, people lives, memories, photographs and finances are destroyed by these criminal gangs on the other side of the world. 20 years of photographs are not something you want to loose.

Following breaches at LinkedIn, Playstation, Yahoo, Ebay to name just a few there are literally billions of email addresses for criminals work on. Many of these blackmailing emails now feature your password in the email subject line. This can be very stressful for people.

If you want to see if any of your email accounts have ever been breached click this link. 2 of my email addresses were here. Yahoo, is currently agreeing a compensation fund for it’s breached users, their offer, not agreed by a Judge stands at $117 million.

Although it is going to be hard to share that amongst the 3.2 billion accounts breached. It’s suggested this settlement, funded by Verizon, the new owner, could be Yahoo!s last stand.


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