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Internet Security - Why buy F-Secure Freedome VPN?

Wait, what is a Virtual Private Network (VPN)?

VPNs are a must have for anyone using a device to access the Internet. They provide internet security by extending a private network across a public network. This allows people online and branch offices to safely access, send and receive data across free public networks, who doesn’t love free Wi-Fi – as if their device were directly connected to a private network.

Subsequently, applications that are run across a VPN benefit from the functionality, internet security and management of the private network.

F-Secure Freedome VPN - Best Antivirus & Internet Security Software UK

Freedome VPN – The World’s Best VPN

F-Secure Freedome VPN is one of the world’s most popular and successful VPN products.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are a vital part of the fight against cybercrime, with experts advising all mobile phone owners to install a VPN to protect themselves, their data and phone.

Wi-Fi Hacked – No one is safe

Admittedly, Free Wi-Fi is tempting and most people don’t realise just dangerous it really is. In fact, it’s one of the easiest ways for cybercriminals to steal your data.

Often people make the mistake of assuming that large organizations such as airports are secured and offer “Free safe Wi-Fi”.

However, there are numerous reports of airports and coffee shop chains having being breached including Dubai International Airport, Starbucks and McDonalds. Funny enough, there’s a sign in Dubai Airport announcing that their Wi-Fi is safe and secured. It’s not and that’s a fact.

Cybercriminals begin by stealing your email address, date of birth, address, phone number and in most cases your passwords, especially if you have file marked “passwords”.

The above are all the core details required to steal your identity and gain access to your online banking including PayPal, Facebook and Gmail. This is known as identity theft and it’s more common than you think.

Having a VPN protects you against this.

But what makes F-Secure Freedome VPN the best?

Below are just some of the reasons why F-Secure’s Freedome VPN outperforms them all.

Hides your IP address

By hiding your IP address your device becomes invisible. Instead of using your personal IP address, a generic address is applied allowing you to surf the internet safely and securely without having to worry about hackers watching your online movements.

Access blocked content

Freedome VPN allows you to change your virtual location, meaning you will never have to miss another show. Simply change your location and in seconds you will be able to view shows on BBC iplayer, ITV, Channel 4 and RTE Player

Additionally, by changing your virtual location, you won’t have to experience another “unavailable in your country" message again. In some cases you can still access US Netflix.

Tracker Mapping

Unlike its competitors, Freedome VPN offers Tracker Mapping. You can see who is tracking you online aside from Google, Facebook and other Social Media outlets. All of which is stored and sold to advertisers – profiling you and your family for future tracking and commercial exploitation.

Easy to use interface

Additionally, Freedome VPN has the best looking and easiest to use interface.

Browse freely

Freedome VPN provides complete browsing protection, helping you avoid risky websites.

Furthermore, there is no throttle limiting the amount of surfing, downloading or data processing. Freedome VPN always says yes to more data, more protection, there’s no limits.

BeSecureOnline – Freedome VPN Internet Security Software UK

All of the mentioned features including Tracking Blockers, Interactive Tracker Mapping, the wonderful interface, and complete Browser protection are all included.

With over 40 years of protecting people online, F-Secure’s Freedome VPN offers you’re the best value VPN solution.

BeSecureOnline are the leading partners for F-Secure. We sell both F-Secure SAFE and Freedome VPN in the UK. We also sell the low cost Windows F-Secure 'Internet security' for windows only. Buy now (hyperlinked to buy now page)

Additionally, we sell and support internet safety software including parental control software.

For more information about our cybersecurity talks, internet security software or parental control software, please contact us.


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