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Review of Safety Information in Facebook - Internet Safety Series


Welcome to the fifth in a new series of blog posts here on BeSecureOnline.

In this series we take a comprehensive review of the user safety information provided by social networking sites. Each site is scored across five key attributes:

  1. Interest in user wellbeing
  2. Execution
  3. Quality of information
  4. Confidence
  5. International emphasis

In this the fifth instalment of the series we turn our attention to Facebook.

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The global social networking service carries two versions for user safety and privacy, the old and the new. The older version is more content driven and is more like Facebook itself, whereas the new section is up to date, modern, design conscious and is much more accessible.

Internet safety Ireland - best antiviruses

Safety and Privacy Sections

The sections carry bags of content, yet there is no video (or otherwise) with CEO Mark Zuckerberg stating that user well-being, enjoyment and safety are paramount to him and for the company itself. It seems like a missed opportunity to shine. The content however is clear, detailed and nearly as succinct as that of Sanpchat. In the parts concerning legal and law enforcement it can be said that they are as lacking as Instagram's version. It seems that there is a pattern occurring whereby the larger firms are preoccupied with insisting that they are NOT responsible for anything that could happen while using their services.

Safety centres should be all about the users safety interests, including their online security and enjoyment. Firms like Facebook should be investing resources to ensure this happens.


The content is indeed good with many links and videos. When it comes to the amount of detail Facebook cannot be faulted here. This area is a concern to Facebook, and they are doing what they can and one can see that they somewhat care.

Internet safety Ireland - best antiviruses

Final Impression

Both sections are very good as one would expect, but funnily all of this has not been passed onto the fellow Group company, Instagram. Facebook's safety centre is thorough but lacks leadership in not posting genuinely interesting content giving real expression to their concern. Their content is thorough but safe.

F-Secure Internet safety Ireland - best antiviruses

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