Online Safety Talks for Seniors

Internet Safety Talks for Seniors

Seniors Internet Safety Talks

Senior Citizens are especially vulnerable when using the internet without online protection. 

70% of Seniors are online regularly and UK Police crime statistics tell us that seniors are up to three times more likely to be ripped off. 

Of particular concern are Nigerian & other email scams (Cheap medicine, online begging, cries for support, payment scams), identity theft and investment scams.

Topics generally covered in our talks 

We will talk about protocols for dealing with Revenue, Solicitors, Utilities, Mobile phone companies. 

How to shop and what protection you need. Never store your debit/credit card details in your browsers or store with suppliers even British Airways or RyanAir.

Using the internet from your PC or laptop
  • Online Dating and Social browsing
  • Banking Online Safely
  • How to book flights and conduct safe online shopping 
  • What’s safe and what is not. Looking for trustworthy signals.
  • Dealing with Revenue, Hospitals, Government Services
Using Social Media Facebook, Instagram
  • Tighten up security, share less details
  • Chrome for Social media, Another browser for Banking, Shopping
  • Dating App’s, let talk. Really talk.
  • Stranger Danger, Learn to block.
  • Privacy Settings, information sharing rules
  • Online reputation, Presenting yourself properly. 
Tips for using your mobile Phone
  • Camera uploads
  • Switch off in-App purchasing
  • Steps I can take now to protect myself
  • Using Public WiFi safely
  • Mobile Apps

What will Seniors get from these talks

  •     Realize the importance of online threats to their wellbeing
  •     3 easy tips to improve their online protection immediately
  •     Stop the internet taking advantage of them.
  •     What’s the value of Online reputation
  •     Securing their PC and Phone properly


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