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Do you need a different voice for your staff that IT security is the key to company growth and their livelyhoods. Further you need this diffiult message delivered in an informed, meaningful way. We can help.

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E-Mail Scams
How Big Data affects you? Google etc


Top Ten Passwords

  • 123456 is the world's most popular password, as it has been, every year for the last 30 years
  • Liverpool FC is Football club, not a password
  • Separate Passwords by 1. Financial 2. Shopping 3. Fun & Personal
  • Magic Button - password reset button in or once they’re in, you are out. Explain how this works.
  • Use a Password Mgr ( for example)
  • Has you email password been hacked.

Email Scams

  • What is email fraud
  • Example of email fraud
  • What you can do to protect yourself Email fraud is incredibly effective, must not be ignored.
  • EndPoint Protection is NOT perfect.
  • Financial Controller,
  • CEO level fraud Client who transferred 90k plus based on one impersonated CEO mail which


  • It’s not just Granny fodder anymore,
  • Phishers way smarter now.
  • Execution is very professional Double check, Don’t press unknown links, Check the source
  • We’ll have slides to demonstrate
  • Your email inbox is your No.1 vulnerability, a direct line to you.
  • The criminals best chance Common sense is your best defence

Hacking/Data Loss

  • What is this GDPR
  • Compels organisations to reveal losses,
  • why many still don't,
  • When Verizon bought Yahoo they got a 450ml off-price owing to hacking
  • Now customers are getting a share of $150ml payout from Verizon

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