USB Data Blockers

USB Data Blocker - Prevents unwanted data exchange

Secure your devices from hackers, viruses! €10.95 / £9.75

USB Data Blocker for Secure Hi-Speed Charging - Works on any USB device

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INNOVATIVE - The USB Blocker only conducts power and cuts off the data lines. The innovative security mechanism prevents unwanted data exchange.

SECURE - Potential malware or viruses are stopped by the blocker. An unnoticed data manipulation on external USB ports is therefore no longer possible.

QUALITY - Our USB data protection comes in the usual quality and fits into any standard USB port.​

  • SmartCharge supports charging upto 2.4A so the blocker won't slowdown charging, improving charge speed

  • Attaches inbetween your USB cable and socket to physically block data transfer / syncing when charging. won't block nearby USB sockets.

  • No risk of hacking / uploading viruses, can charge from an office PC even if USB socket has been disabled 

  • Switches between Apple, Universal and Samsung standards to ensure compatibility with your device.

  • SmartCharge supports charging upto 2.4A

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