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Contactless cards represent the easiest chance ever to criminals to steal your money. Simply, get close to someone, steal their money, requires no luck, skill on criminals behalf.

Criminals loiter about with in main streets, airports, cafe's, shops with device readers that enable them to steal your money, identity and personal details - without you even realising it. You won't know a thing until you check your account.

RFID cards offer your wallet the protection needed by blocking the signal from the crininals card readers. Londons Metrpolitan police reckons that hundreds of RFID scammers are operating in Tube & Train stations every morning and evening during rush hour.


RFID Blocking Cards - Great Value, One Price, Complete Wallet Protection

Top Seller - Limited Stock From BeSecureOnline!

Thin & Practical

ECO friendly and protects a radius of up to 5cm. Using the energy from incoming RFID scanner signals and card readers - the interference chip absorbs the incoming energy and cleverly uses it to shield your wallet.

No battery required to operate RFID cards - Uses inbound 13.56 MHz (standard frequency). RFID Cards are 1 mm thick & slide in everywhere.  5 day delivery from Factory. €10.90 well spent, we'd say! 

Prevent Data Leakage, Corporate Gift, GDPR friendly.

RFID Credit Card Protection Blocking Cards - Contactless Card Protection

The Why Buy?

  • Stop 'Tap n Go' crime
  • Requires no battery, just works
  • No ringing the bank at midnight to say you've been ripped off
  • No arguing with the bank about whose responsible for the missing funds
  • Keeps the money in your account
  • Best Seller

Effective RFID Protection - Police, FBI Warnings

Cybercrime is now 55%+ of all reported crime and the scary part is most cyber theft goes unreported.

As reported in the Guardian Oct. 2015, quoting National Statistics Office. Police forces worldwide recommend anti virus software and RFID protectors.

Banks, Police, and Insurance Companys now want to know, did you have online protection?


1 - €10.90
3 - €32.50
5 - €50.00

Banks are driving this growth in use

Banks are the main drivers in this convenience card drive,  The number of such cards has seen doubled in the past three years, from £59 million in 2015 to £119 million by the end of 2017. Shoppers bought £52billion of good and services using contactless in the past 12 months. 

Estimates are that close to £500 ml will be stolen in 2018. Average loss is £75/€85 each time criminals submit your card

There's App on Google Play, for Android devices which reads all the details accept the CCV number. Many large retail sites including Amazon don’t require this detail. The App is not available on Apple Store. 

Contactless payment terminals cost less than £20
You can purchase contactless payment terminals that can be bought on online auction sites for as little as £20.

Our View
“The fact it is so easy to 'rip off' a ­contactless card is a huge concern.”


How big is it?

Exactly the same size as a credit/debit card. RFID Cards are 1 mm thick & slide in everywhere. 

Corporate Gifts, Staff Protection

Our biggest market are companies and organisations buying these in bulk for staff and for corporate-wide protection with your own branding. Contact us directly for pricing or fill in form. Don't forget your design artwork (logo/branding). Form is on this page, if on a mobile, you will find form below.

Customers Include

  • BP
  • Boston Consulting
  • KPMG
  • Lufthansa

An ideal promotional gift for customers - Speaks volumes about protecting clients interests. 

BeSecureOnline - Internet Safety and Cybersecurity Software

BeSecureOnline are proud stockists of RFID Blocking Cards and additional quality cybersecurity softwares aimed at keeping your family and business safe online. 

Purchase your internet security from us from the convenience of your home at discounted prices.

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