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PC Mag Editors' Choice for 6 straight years


5 Device BTS€35

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  • Bitdefender TS 5 User
  • Best Price anywhere
  • 2019 Parental Control
  • Not Available iPhone

10 Device BTS€49

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  • Bitdefender TS 5 User
  • Best Price anywhere
  • 2019 Parental Control
  • Not Available iPhone

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  • Bitdefender TS 5 User
  • Installed by us 24 hours
  • PC Editors Choice 6 yrs
  • 500 Million sold 

Product Selector

Heres a list of features, to help you to choose. If you have iPhones, check it selects iPhone

Product iPhone Parental Anti Virus Per User Install
AVG Ultimate No No No No
BitDefender IS No
BitDefender TS No
F-Secure SAFE No

Options explained

Heres a list of features, to help you to choose. If you have iPhones, check it selects iPhone

iPhone | Will product run on iPhone, Apple is starting to restrict this
Parental Control | Can you control kids access to the internet
Anti Virus | Protection your devices from internet virus, malware
Per User | Do you have pay by user. AVG Ultimate is unlimited users (256)
Install | Do we provide a paid installation Service?

AVG Ultimate is great value, featuring unlimited users, from AVAST, but doesn't run on IPhone or have Parental Control.

F Secure SAFE is very strong on Parental Control and is still enabled for iPhone. Plus we have great prices!

Made in Europe 500 million sold

6  years straight PC Magazine Editors Choice, AV Test 6 out of 6, New improved 2020 Parental Control

  • Gives you the ability to you decide on the amount of time your children are allowed online
  • Runs on everything except iPhones. 
  • SAFE browsing - Blocks inappropriate content.
  • Block phone numbers, restrict phone usage (no texting, messages or online usage) when kids need to study or do homework.
  • GEO locates kids using GPS technology - Great peace of mind - Find out exactly where your kids are without having to ask them.

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  4. Imput key from BeSecureOnline, then download onto your devices 
  5. Parental Control and other preferences already activated - Start using
  6. Hate tech, We will do it for you, select ‘Install it for me'
  7. That's it. 


New! Fully installed by us for you | 24 hrs.

Kids contol, time limits, Web blocking for €49.95  

BitDefender doesn't leak your information

BitDefender complete protection takes care of your online privacy and personal information.

  • Bitdefender VPN
  • Webcam Protection
  • File Encryption
  • Safe Online Banking
  • Parental Control Software
  • Privacy Firewall
  • Wi-Fi Security Advisor
  • Social Network Protection
  • Password Manager
  • File Shredder
  • Vulnerability Assessment



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Police warn Business to watch for email, invoice scams.


Businesses have been warned of an internet email scam which has seen fraudsters steal €650,000 from two commercial companies recently.

They were settling what looked like legitimate invoices from real suppliers. One company lost €200,000 and the other €453,000, gardaí said on Monday.

The criminals send emails to businesses and individuals from whats looks like the real supplier. The emails request firm to change the bank account details on record for the supplier to a new bank account, controlled by the criminals.

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