WebCam Covers


WebCam Covers

Be 100% certain no one is looking at you

Webcam covers stops the outside world looking at you.

Webcam Covers From €4.95

  • Online protection for all - Family, Friends, and Business.
  • Stick it on. Switch On or Off - simple and easy to use. 
  • Leaves NO scratches on your cameras, devices.
  • Make your laptop or phones safe.
WebCam Covers
Single Project
From €4.95
Single Project
100% German
Single Project

WebCam Covers fits

Slider protects your camera from hackers, perverts. The highest quality materials go ino “Made in Germany” we are setting new quality standard. The webcam cover effectively protects you from uninvited observers. The slider blocks the webcam physically, leaving hackers no chance of observing you unnoticed.

  • Laptops & notebooks
  • Cell phones & smartphones for front & back cameras
  • iPhone, Macbook & iMac
  • Screens with integrated webcams
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