WebCam Covers

Protects Kids, Families, Stops Industrial Espionage

Webcam Covers - From €3.95

  • Online protection for all - Family, Friends, and Business.
  • Stick it on. Switch On or Off - simple and easy to use. 
  • Leaves NO scratches on your cameras, devices.
  • Make your laptop or phones safe.


Business Options:

WebCam covers
Printing options, What are they? 

All webcam covers customisable to your liking. Add your logo and pick your shape and color!  Get in touch today!

Printable dimensions: Webcam Cover: 0.7(W) x 0.35(H) in | 18(W) x 9(H) mm Accompanying card: 2.17(L x 3.35(W) in | 55(L) x 85(W) mm

WebCam Covers. No more prying eyes!

Top Seller - For Phones, Laptops and Desktops!

Product Details

  • Sturdy, UV-resistant plastic
  • Self-adhesive and residue-free removable, 3M glue
  • Less than <1 MM wide Fits on laptops, tablets and even smartphones

Workplace Protection, Staff Wellbeing, COVID19 friendly.

  • Livestreaming, WebCam are a threat to your business 
  • Place on their Phone, Laptops for their personal protection
  • Protection you staff, their families and your business


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