Social Media Profile for children

Social Media Profile for children


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Social Media; Why use Real Names, Real Photos?

Social Media Settings

  • Profile ‘My friends only’ or ‘Private’
  • Use ‘Real name’ and ‘Real photo’
  • 10 yrs. - Less than 10 friends
  • U12 yrs. - Less than 40 friends
  • 13-15 years - Less than 150 friends

Parents say to us, all the time, there is no way that I am letting my child online using her real name. Why on earth would I do that, parents say. Even if the group is private, people post things beyond the private group. So my kid will be using a fake name, that's that. 

US Police Forces recommend these setting for kids social media. Facebook agrees.

I don't want my child using her real name.

Here's why the police like this approach. Start by insisting your child uses 'Private' or 'My friends only' in all social media as their profile setting. No privacy setting, No social media. When a friend request comes.

You are going to approve friend requests

  • You should be able to recognise friend from profile
  • Finally, make sure they know, it's OK to reject some friend requests.

What could be better than a kid with 20 or 30 real friends on social media? FRIENDS, not followers, real friends don't bully each other so much. Real friends make up. Remember Facebook say that followers are at least five times more likely to bully somebody.  

We know most kids and parents hate this approach, preferring popularity to safety. It will take a little effort to change things.

There is no way my kid is using real name!

 We explain why kids should use real name!  

Facebook & The Police

Social media accounts ought to be private, which needs to regularly checked and verified. When kids use real name and photos, they behave better online that's a fact. The Police and Facebook agree real names and photos make children posting on Snapchat and TokTok more cautious.

Real Name, Real Photos and Privacy (called 'My Friends only' in Snapchat) is a This creates a circle of trust where kids don't abuse each other because their accounts are real, not fake. It's called 'social media not 'bully' media, and it should be honest, real, not fake. Many parents disagree strongly here, saying to keep my kid safe, I want you to use a fake name to keep their kids safe. We disagree equally strongly. 

Parents are responsible for Kids.

If your kids misbehave online, the Police will be coming to talk to you, not your kid.   

Fact Kids & Teenagers Phones are not private

Who said kids & teenagers phone is private. They are not.

Taking Back control of Social Media

Time for parents to do, as they always did. So lets take back control for the two best reasons in the world. Firstly mum knows best, and even better because I said so!

Norton 360 parental control, parental control app
Parental Control starts early! 

Many parents disagree strongly here, saying they want to keep their kid's safe, and will only allow their kids on social media if they use a fake name. Remember kids under 13 are not meant to be using social media. Kids should trust and not fear social media. Snapchat, TikTok, Instagram need to be a circle of trust, friendship, not a bush to hide behind disguising your identity to free you to be mean to others.

We think that kids ought to be encouraged in the classroom to follow this approach. It is not perfect, but it is what we have. 

  • Setting up fake accounts encourages kids to behave badly
  • Why would you permit your kid in such a group? 
  • Open up his/her social media and ask him/her to identify her friends following her. 
  • Can you as the parent identify his/her friends from their profiles? 
  • If you can't identify them, who are they? Why are they there?
  • We don't let strangers wander through our home. 
  • Is the fake news brigade taking advantage of your kid? 

Trust me, mum, I know what I am doing.

Your kids might say, trust me, mum, I know what I am doing.  Well, you know even better, they are just doing the same as their friends. Real Name, Real Photo and Privacy setting switched to 'Private', 'My Friends Only'. Friends, not followers, that what we want. Challenge your kids to explain the difference between Friends and Followers.

Police Recommeded

  • The City of Tokyo Police & Several US police advise this approach
  • Honesty & Truth values at the core of social media.
  • Using your real name pictures means less likely to behave badly or make insulting or inappropriate remarks online.


  • In January 2021 TikTok defaulted all new accounts to 'Private' for 13-16 year old
  • It is an acknowledgement of the real problems that exist kids especially teenagers use of social media.
  • It's a start on fixing the issue of teenagers misusing social media. 
  • Facebook tell us that proxy account are seven times more likely to cause trouble online 
  • Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp so they have the information,
  • Fake news accounts are free to bully, hate, troll without fear of being identified.
  • If your daughter has 1000s of followers, she will get bullied, so says Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook.


Sexting, Adult Content, stupid things teens do !

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Social Media threats must be reported to the Police

  • Report Social Media incidents to Police.
  • It is a crime to harass people online, Police will act.
  • We recommend going to the station if that's possible.
  • Don't delete the offending message, Police will need it.
  • Police will act.




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