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What every purse, wallet needs. Protect your cards, money.

These RFID / NFC blocking card come in a black veneer look and has the dimensions of a conventional credit card. Elegant, inexpensive, complete protection these RFID / NFC Blocking Cards protect you and all the cards in your purse. Innovative RFID / NFC Blocker cards.

1 RFID / NFC Card  €10.90
3 RFID / NFC Card  €32.50
5 RFID / NFC Card  €50.00 

2018 protection, no need for anything else. The blocker, which is the size of a normal credit card, uses intelligence technology and completely protects against 13.56 MHz (standard frequency) within a radius of 5cm. Designed in matt black, it fits perfectly into any wallet or card-holder. The blocker absorbs the incoming energy, and does not need a battery. 

It’s an ideal corporate gift for trade fairs and promotions for branding. It’s totally on message in the age of GDPR. Don’t buy the thieves gifts for them.

Also protects
All RFID chip cards. Bank cards, access cards, ID card and passport are able to exchange data and information contactlessly. Data thieves can use a simple smartphone app or a reader to read out, copy and read your most important details in passing. 

Standard size is about 8.6cm / 5.4cm. Large order volume price reductions available as is tailored logo for promotions. 

Contactless cards are fantastic but they're are threat as well. Criminals loiter with intent using device's to steal your money, identity and personal details. You won't know a thing about it until you check your account.

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December 09 2018
Very happy with these cards. Saw people on the train to Manchester using readers
Bought 5 of them.
Dean Williams, Camberwell, London
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