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Spamina is the first European manufacturer building secure email, instant messaging. Protecting vital corporate information and government interference (Patriot Act) which means your information remains yours. 

95% of Cybercrime avoidable

Industry experts say that simple reforming habits, changing practices, updating passowrds, introducing 2FV (2 factor verfication) and our eyes peeled would reduce cybercrime enormously. 

GDPR Compliant

Capture, sort and store email easily. This keeps you legal too, good for business, audition and your company's value


We do it all for you, you sit back and let us look after you. 


Business continuity. Anywhere and anytime. Our Technology keeps you running, no IT failures, No Server crashes, just constant protected email


Works on Google Apps for Work and Office 365. Spamina email protection works these email services

As a result, exposure to zero-day attacks and advanced persistent threats are kept to a minimum.

From their own management console located at the email interface, users can handle black and white lists.

Live List of Enforcements from UK ICO - Information Commissioners Office
News from Irelands Data Protection Commissioners

Protection against Ransomware and Web Attacks

Spamina ATP is a second-generation sand-boxing technology, which uses the complete run-time Environment Instrumentation (CEI) to run object checks intended to reveal malware even when employing the most modern evasion techniques.

Analyses and identifies malicious files, documents:Spamina ATP tests attachments in a protected virtualised environment prior to delivery and subsequent execution once delivered. Ensures your email is malware free

Analysis & URL scanner: URL sandboxing identifies content targeting vulnerable browsers by hot testing links in the email content. User is afvised if content is dangerous. 
Download | Advanced Threat Protection

Cloud based Service Options

Here are the service options available, for the online cloud email protection. starting with most entry level, online email protection and firewall option also the least expensive. Rental options are monthly, annual.

Spamina Cloud Email Web filtering protectionis based, amongst other security layers, on Simile Fingerprint Filter® proprietary detection technology. It analyses billions of emails every day aiming at identifying spam patterns in real-time and blocking their entry. Suspicious email is quarantined in our data centres for up to 28 days.

Email is the front door to cybercrime, the No.1 way for international criminal gangs operating far from the reach of law. Millions of organisations have been hit, hijacked and have paid up or shut down. Spamina’s Cloud Email Firewall analyses billions of emails every day aiming at identifying spam patterns in real-time, blocking their entry. 

Email filtering detects all sorts of threats including spam, phishing, malware and viruses in real-time using advanced patterns and classifications techniques.

ATP | Advanced Threat Protection
Analysis and URL scanner

Analysis and identification of malicious files and documents: Spamina ATP tests attachments within a virtualized environment prior to delivery and subsequent execution, protecting the end user, ensuring the email is malware free, safe to open, read, respond. .

All of the above Max Strength User determined Archiving (minimum 10 years)
You decide how long to store Email (Fully Secured, Virus Free, Business Protection)

Comply with Data Storage Regulations

Spamina’s Cloud Email Archiving means seamless data handling for both in-house and hosted email environments.

Email archiving must meet a number of key regulatory requirements to meet legislative, regulatory compliance to ensure organisations receive safe email.

Cloud Email Archiving keeps and maintains the original corporate email for if requried 10 years enabling easy, instant search & recovery intended to fulfill legal requirements etc. 

IT department must make every effort to implement a cost-effective solution and reduce complexity of managing large volumes of data and meet the exacting standard of modern legislation. 
Download | Cloud Email Achiving

Comply with Data Protection Regulations

Cloud Email Encryption & DLP is a policy-based total encryption solution.  Messages based on pre-defined corporate policies and re-directs and prevents confidential information being distributed to the wrong recipient.

CEE allows users send encrypted emails from anywhere on any devices. Available for 2007 to 2016 Outlook versions.

Administrators manage all your security policies from a single security console & generate activity dashboards.
Download | Cloud Encryption & DLP

Top Tips for improving Email Security

Emails are the common means of sending phishing, malicious links to download viruses, malware. The No.1 most effective and cheapest way for criminals to attack is to use e-mail. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to keep your emails secure and protected from attacks and infiltrations. European law and GDPR makes companies liable for the damage caused. British Airways has just been fined nearly £175 million for a major data breach. 

Our Spamina service protects users online introducing new online based protection.


Analyze suspicious email file attachments, content and rewrite malicious URLs before they are delivered to users Detect, prevent, and respond to zero-day and advanced threats that evade other tools Identify malware and other threats regardless of the specific software installed on end users.  

Have full control over configuration, auditing, reporting, and service status Tailor user notifications, URL rewrites, exceptions, and analysis reports to your needs Achieve comprehensive visibility into email logs and analysis results sit.

Alert users and block access to malicious sitesautomatically
Prevent system infections by analyzing suspicious items before they are delivered
Stop business email compromise (impersonation)attacks. We notify users when items are being looked at to increase awareness of potential threats

We understand the threat landscape facing European customers and your data requirements.

Our data centers have deep knowledge of region-specific risks and operate in areas where your data privacy is legally protected from third parties.

Some email attacks rely on social engineering techniques, instead of malware, to deceive users into revealing sensitive data. Business email compromise—or spoofed—messages attempt to impersonate the company CEO, CFO, or other executive and request employee payroll data, funds transfers, or bill payments. Spamina ATP scans all inbound email and inspects headers, domain details, and content to identify impersonation attempts and block them.

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