Family Rules Top Tips

Family Rules Top Tips


For parents who want Family Rules, it's this: chat  to your kids, agree some internet safety rules as a family for the best online protection,  and you allowing them to take control over their own online lives, which will serve them better in school, careers and life. 





App control
App control allows control of what Apps your kids can use, when they use it. Generally available in most good parental control online protection products. So you decide if you kid can use Snapchat and when.


Content blocking
Parents can control what kids see, don't see by type, Violence, Hate, Weapons, Adult content. Available in all good parental control products







Finding your Kids, Tweens & Teenagers

Locate their kids, tweens, Teenagers and view them on the map. If your kids gets lost, or you want to know where they are, this is great. Even tells if your teenagers are where they say they are. You will see them in real time even in a fast moving vehicle

Time limits
Whats not to like, tell your kids when she can get on line and when she has study, play or play with friends. For example, the internet and chosen apps close down 8 on week­nights and 10pm Friday and Saturday evenings. Great for studying, 


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