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Family Rules & Top Tips for Internet Safety

For parents who want guidance and family rules for internet safety - it's this: chat to your kids and agree on some internet safety rules as a family. Allowing your children to take control of their online lives (with a little bit of guidance) will serve them better in school, careers and life.

Fact: Although you are allowing your children to take control of the house regulations - you must enforce the rules. Kids brought up with structure do better in life, exams, weight, fitness, socially.

App Control

App control allows control of what Apps your kids can use and when they can use them. Generally available in most good parental control online protection products. iKydz Wireless Access Control is a fantastic product that allows you to control your child's internet use remotely - so you can decide if when and your children can use Snapchat.

Top tip: To reduce bullying on social media platforms - we advise no more than 200 followers on Instagram / Snapchat.

Content Control

Additionally, parental control products such as iKydz allows you to control what kids see and don't see on the internet - helping you manage your child's exposure to Violence, Hate, Weapons, and Adult content. Available in all good parental control products.

Tip: Check Privacy settings on Snapchat, Instagram, FaceBook set to 'My Friends only'.

Finding your Kids, Tweens & Teenagers

Furthermore, parental control softwares enable you to locate your kids, tweens, teenagers by viewing them on a map. If your kids gets lost, or you want to know where they are, this is great feature. No longer do you have to wonder if your teenagers are where they say they are. You will see them in real-time even in a fast moving vehicle.

Fact: Parents of Teenagers - Parental Control features often include a 'Find my Teenager' option. From our software check out F-Secure SAFE and BitDefender.

Time Limits on Kid's Devices

With parental control softwares you have the ability shut access off to the internet and chosen apps when your children need to study / sleep. Work on an agreed schedule and then enforce the schedule. For example - 8pm on week­nights and 10pm Friday and Saturday evenings. Great for studying periods.

For young kids: Less 2 hours daily especially in winter

Fact from Facebook

Facebooks new 'Time well spent' online iniative include an important fact, which they have researched - kids who game less, use less social media and generally spend less time online do better in school, sports, and exams. 

Fact: Kids whose parents enforce the rules do better in life, exams, weight, fitness, socially. Allow for a moderate amount of time online, but also encourage healthy interaction and time spent offline.

Parental Control - Internet safety for kids

December 2018, internet safety for kids is the same as it ever was:

  • Time limits,
  • Parental oversight,
  • Fewer followers,
  • Less gaming.

Using parental controls apps, software, devices makes monitoring and managing your family's internet usuage easier, less stressful and far less complicated. All in all using these softwares is better for the kids, better and easier for you and your kids will only be happier online. Safer Internet day

Tik Tok - Warning 

January 2019, Kids are leaving Tik Tok

  • Profanity
  • Oversexualisation of young girls
  • Some Adult Content
  • Predators & Grooming

We are hearing from kids that Tik Tok is struggling to manage the platform. Cursing, Adult Content, Oversexualisation. The App formerly known as is now Chinese and appears to be poorly managed. The App is intended to encourage creativity in 60 second short form videos for kids. 

BeSecureOnline - Internet Safety for Kids & Teens

Internet safety for kids and teens is at the heart of our business. We believe that by educating our youth and providing them with the knowledge - we can create a safer internet. Cybercrime is a reality and parents need to understand the dangers of the internet just as much as their children do. 

Together with parental control software, antivirus software and talks on internet safety you can help keep your family safe online.

For more information about our internet safety talks for kids, antivirus software or parental control software - please contact us.

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