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Corporate & Conference Speaking Engagements

The Future of the Internet, embracing the internet to survive and prosper. Rethinking its place in our lives and workplace.

It has been said by the World Economic Forum and Germany's Max Plank Institute that we are now entering the fourth Industrial Revolution. A digital revolution where we are no longer taking steps, but great leaps forward. 

Considering the speed of change, the internet and accessibility of information being greater now than ever before, what stories are we telling to attract the right candidates to the workforce and mold into the creative force they need to be to survive and prosper? 

The conversation about the future of work, technology and its place in the future requires fast rethinking.  The internet - it is about people and creating a life each of us can enjoy living through the work we do.

Work is changing faster than ever imagined, the phone is a constant, where’s the boundary, the balance between privacy, social and work. We’re addicted, so what do we intend doing to fix it? Work 9 to 5 seems finished but what's going to replace it from here? 

One thing we know from our children, social media, the way we drive cars, conduct meetings, engage in the workplace, the family: something needs to change to restore balance. 

90% or more  of the information on the internet today was put there in the past two years and almost all of it put up without peer review or subject to any real testing or analysis. 

With 40% of professional employees feeling an unprecedented sense of loneliness, and the average person spending over 3.5 hours on phones a day, the way we connect is changing. 

The ‘Honeymoon Phase’ of technology has come to an end. How do we balance the increasing dependency of technology while still getting the most out of the people and relationships around us? 

What do we need to do to build a modern life using technology, its connectivity yet access our cognitive creative individuality? 


Stepped to host our conference with 10 minutes warning. He was booked to speak about internet safety and IT driving industrial change. Event organizer asked him on the day to open conference, introduce guest all whilst our host was stuck on the M50.


Kenneth Carroll, MD, Carroll Food Services, Dublin 4.

I heard him on radio and booked him straight away and he was even better in person. We got so much more that a boring IT, Cyber Safety, GDPR speaker


Frank Norton, Director, Commercial Fleet


+353 (0)1 908 1500



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