April 11 2019
The first one I purchased (single product) didn’t work great, but I bought some more
I gave two to friends of mine, she loves them. They are worth the price! You might lose the adhesive if you take it off to re-apply. Works on iPhone, Samsung, iPad spot on, and all have tempered class protectors.
The cut-out design for the camera on some protectors may make it so there’s a gap between these camera covers and the screen/camera on your device. My friend’s screen protector on her phone covers the camera with a flat surface, and the iPad;s camera opening on the protector is just right for these covers. So just take protector design into consideration so you don't waste a cover.
I’m going to replace my MacBook Webcam cover with one of these. The seller/company is fantastic, shipping was fast and damage-free.
I will definitely be recommending these camera covers to other friends and family.
Eve Anders, Denmark

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