November 01 2019
This saved me a fortune!. You need to do a few more things than type in the code to get it to work BUT it does work for renewals. Very quick delivery which consists of a Laminated card with a printed code.
To get it to work login into my subscriptions in AVG, add the code and it will verify and activate the code, It is even clever enough to add dates onto your existing subscription period so you can renew in advance. In AVG you then need to go back into subscriptions and select the extended subscription. Once done you can exit. However because it has to communicate with a central server it can take a number of hours before it updates (For me it took about 12 hours). Once done all devices (including mobiles) are updated with the new licence without having to do anything.
Word of warning if you click renew (even with new subscription) in AVG it will try and sell you all sorts of xtras that are already bundled in this subsciption. Quit process and just wait until server has updated. John C, Brentford, Essex
November 01 2019
Got a 2 year version, going grand, Thx to the guys in BeSecureOnline. Recommend 2 yr version.
Damien Daly, Co Carlow.
August 20 2019
Fantastic product. Absolutely the most bang for the buck, and unlimited downloads are great for my family with 8 computers for various things. I have used AVG for at least 5 years now, and have NEVER had a virus in that time. As long as AVG continues to produce such a reliable, high quality product at a great price, I would never even consider buying from any other company.
August 04 2019
Beware does it run on iOS iPhone, otherwise great, Ivd installed on over 14 devices ath home, office
July 11 2019
I didn't realise that this was unlimited until I emailed you guys, and you told me it was for upto 256 devices.
September 05 2018
Great product, great value esp. for malware. Very happy


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