Great Value
Upto 256 devices allowed (the highest no. in the industry)
Ideal for protecting Android Phone, Windows PC & Laptops
Very good online support service esp. webchat
Very easy to set up


No iOS version for iPhone
Not strong on parental control

SALES LINE - CALL DUBLIN +353 1 908 1588

Call sales during business hours 8am - 6pm. Buying from BeSecureOnline means you will have the product immediately, Always ask do we have any special offers.

AVG Internet Security Installation Screens


AVG Inernet Security a great value product with one price for 256 devices from one of the best known online protection providers in the world. Almost nobidy else does this as most vendors charge more when you want to cover more devices Ideal for some one who want to protect family and business for one great price. Only drawbacks are the lack of iOS version (which only matters if you have an iPhone) and a strong parental control version.  Otherwise a great option for people, also consider the slight more upscale AVG Ultimate and AVG Secure VPN is a must.

  • AVG IS is great value
  • Instals very easily
  • Works on Windows PC, Desktop, Android Phones
  • One price only £36 €39.95 for upto 256 devices
  • Deliver on payment via email, 


+353 (0)1 908 1588


Fortnite Warning from London's Fraud Squad


London's Fraud Squad are warning Parents to be vigilant in regards to Battle Royale from Fortnite. The most successful online game ever. Kids are buying fake V Bucks currency using parents private details and innocently providing banking details. Parents are being warned tha children are being induced onto criminal sites from YouTube and Facebook.

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Internet Safety - Building The Right Online Reputation


It’s all about building a real digital presence, an online reputation that embraces the best practices of internet safety - building an online presence that lets you take advantage of the internet and not let the internet take advantage of you.

It’s just like life, it requires discipline to build it properly and yet you can still have the best fun.

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Parental Control Software - What is it and why do you need it?


Parental control software is your right-hand man when it comes to internet safety. It allows you to monitor, control and limit your child’s online activity, keeping them safe and secure online.

Most devices come with parental controls, but these can be easily disabled.

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