Tower Hotel | Waterford | Sat. 7th September

Social Media, Phone Addiction, Online Reputation

September 7th 10AM
Hosted by Damien Tiernan | WLR | Fmr. RTE Correspondent and Graham Mulhern, Principal Speaker, BeSecureOnline.

10AM Parents & Kids 5-10 Years Old

11:30AM Parents & Kids 11-13 Years Old

2PM Parents & Kids 13-21 Years Old


  • €5 per Child
  • Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok
  • Gaming - Dangers
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  • €7 per person
  • One Session only
  • For Parents of all ages
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  • 2 Parent / 2 Child
  • Phone Addictions
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What will we Cover Kids 5-10 Years of Age

  • Youtube - Switch to restricted mode and set on youtube for kids
  • What is Social Media?
  • TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram are the most popular social media platforms
  • There is no legal recourse for parents using social media, it's illegal under 13. 
  • Real Profiles only no fake ones
  • Limit friends numbers, parents to approve new friends
  • Privacy Mode engaged ‘My friends Only; Limit friends to less than 10
  • Discussion point for Primary Schools, School Boards, Principals
  • What Schools should be doing in 2020


What will we Cover Kids 11-14 Years of Age

  • Explanation from leading commentator & Social Media Speaker
  • What is Social Media 
  • TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram are the most popular social media platforms
  • Privacy setting on all social media ‘My friends only’
  • What Options exist for controlling this
  • Profiles uses real names and photo’s. Facebook says fafe accounts bully more 5 times more
  • The Gardai, Legal,  What's the law, Could my Kid get a record
  • Social media is not a race, limit followers a child can't possibly have 1,200 friends. Police worldwide say this is a 'No No'.




What in it for Parents, Guardians, Adults?

  • Phones are everywhere, yet it's hard to know to whats right for your kids, Teenagers
  • Learn about  Snapchat, Instagram, Tik Tok,
  • What are the dangers in Social Media
  • What you can do to reduce kids Phone addiction, steer them in the right direction
  • I just want to know whats going on
  • We will tell why Its okay to look at your kids phone
  • What is the law, Gardai, Is it illegal


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