About BeSecureOnline

BeSecureOnline is an Irish company with offices in Wicklow and London. We specialise in keeping you safe online. We provide the world’s best internet safety software to homes and businesses. 

Whether you want to protect yourself from online fraud or keep an eye on what the kids are browsing, we’ve a solution for you. 

We supply the most up to date and affordable products, packages and technology to keep you safe online. 

Tips & Tech for Online Safety

Even if you aren't a tech savvy parent, there are a few things you can to to help keep kids safer when they are accessing the internet. This starts from the very first time your child gets a phone. 

Do a little research about how kids are using the phones. Ask other parents. Attend the online safety talks in schools. Importantly, talk to your child about the rules you are going to set for them; rules about who they talk to online, how they treat others, what the parameters are. 

You can also keep them safe by using technology itself, to block inappropriate content, websites that are violent or explicit.  

With some simple tech tools you can monitor online use, set time limits for internet use or track your child's phone. Let them know that all of these things are pre-conditions for getting a smartphone in the first place.


iKydz is the easy to use solution for keeping a track on devices within the home. You can block inappropriate content, set time limits for device use and manage access online for kids.

iKydz is simple to instal and very easy to use - a simple plug in box giving you peace of mind at home.

F-Secure Safe

F-Secure Safe is easy to use software for all your devices; laptops, phones, tablets. You can protect the family against malware, scams and viruses. F-Secure Safe will protect your devices outside the home. 

You can also track your child's phone and lock it if it lost or stolen. 

It also lets you block inappropriate content, so even if you aren't sure of what exact sites to block, the software does it for you.  You don't need to know everything about how to keep your kids safe online, but you have a tool that helps do that work for you.

You can buy iKydz and F-Secure Safe from BeSecureOnline.  Just go to our products page for all the info, including videos on how to keep your kids safe when they use the internet. 


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